Friday, December 12, 2008

Up And Running (Sort of)

Well... the iMac is back.  I'm slightly irritated because it's come back with a Safari problem.  Before I took it into the shop on the 3rd for a power supply problem (which I pretty much diagnosed for them), Safari worked really well.  Now, Safari runs about 90 seconds before crashing.  Grrr.  

I called the shop to see if they had installed any hardware diagnostic software.  They said they hadn't until I told them that the iStat Pro widget had been installed Dec 9.  (Ooops -- if you're going to tell the customer you haven't installed anything, it's a good idea to empty out the trash and reset the download history first.)

Anyway, they suggested going in and resetting my Safari library files... which hasn't worked.  The weird thing is that Safari seems to work in the Admin account (not mine).   At least replacing the faulty power supply seems to have fixed the problem.

While I was without e-mail I received a cluster of e-mail rejections.... most of which were very nice, "we'd really like to buy this, and we're sorry but we're not going to" kind.  I did receive some feedback for two stories -- something most editors don't have the time to do, so that was good.    As Mark says, "you're getting closer."  

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