Monday, September 29, 2008

Today's Summary

  • Coils of Love (9900 words -- fantasy)
  • Corporate Samurai (6600 words -- fantasy)
  • Are We There Yet (900 words -- slipstream)
  • A Martian Tall Tale (800 words -- humor fantasy)
  • Anti-Logos (1900 words -- personal essay)
Samurai was e-mailed out to a market.  Coils' size may make it a difficult sell; market research tonight!  Are We There Yet I'm going to send out to a market that opens Wednesday.  The tall tale goes to Wordos for critique -- I think it's funny, but we'll see how badly it gets teared apart by the critique.  

My tea appears to be stranded in Hodgkins, IL; it's been there since the 25th, having started its journey from Stratford, CT on the 23rd.  
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