Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Footage from Shrewsbury Faire

Recovering from the Shrewsbury Faire.

I had a lot of fun singing with the Pearwood Pipers and playing the harp between gigs. Someone liked my harping so much that he offered to post me on YouTube; he turned out to be a friend of one of the Pearwoods.

The cool moments of the faire for me were walking to the privies at 4 AM in mist illuminated by the stars of Orion. Oh yeah, the full moon (nearly) was cool, too. There were a couple of faire guests who were simply thrilled to see a harper (especially when I managed to plink out the Harry Potter Theme for them -- OK, not quite period, but they were ten and decked-out from head to toe in Hogwarts-wear). There's also something to be said for singing madrigals with a choral of forty.

And at this year no one asked us who died as we danced the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. 

OK, yeah; and I sang The Shark Song for the participant talent show (always a big hit).
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