Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dreams and Writing

Polished up a short story.  I'd thought about sending it to the Wordos tonight and now I'm glad I didn't because I tightened several points.  I should be ready to send it next week.  

In the dream department...

Over the weekend I had a dream that started out nicely -- five or so friends were using their super powers in a networking kind of way.  They discovered an underground hidden city of evil demons -- except the evil demons were kind of sappy new-agey artsy-folk.  

The dream got kind of nasty when one of the friends was killed (gruesomely) and replaced by a demon-clone... and one thing led to another and there was a kind of demon-pogrom in retaliation.  By this time, the demons had transformed from new agers to skeletal large-foreheaded creatures (now that I think about it, they were like very thin, albino Klingons).  There was a dream break, and then a lonely demon-child orphan was staring up from its hiding place in a basement, wishing it could play with the human child living in the house above it.

Monday morning, I had a really disturbing dream -- I was in some horrid little country run by a repressive government.  Anyway, a bunch of us were visiting a factory that processed cilantro (or some similar herb).  The factory owner was a woman who was a kind of a high-profile social justice agitator.  There was a raid on the factory, and I was nabbed by the secret police.   Somehow my shoulderbag had incriminating evidence in it.

There was an unpleasant interrogation dream montage, and I was rather worried that they'd find out I was gay.  I think they were more interested in somehow making me denounce the woman factory owner.  Somehow I wasn't killed, and I guess I held out long enough for the American Embassy staff to secure my release (and a ticket out of there).   

I'm going to guess that some of this dream activity is a combination of camping chocolate and a rocky forrest bed.
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