Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Morning Dreams

Rough night.  I dreamt about gunmen with automatic weapons in downtown Eugene.  Stupidly, I was walking downtown.  I made it to a dream-amalgam of the pedestrian mall near Broadway and Charnelton and a kind of indoor art-mall when we heard a machine gun.  Everyone stopped and huddled behind art.  At one point in the dream a young woman with a pistol was threatening to shoot me at point blank range.  For some reason she didn't.

There was a slight break and I was staying in a dorm or hotel.  In a tower... for once I didn't have a dream about an elevator that opens up between floors.  No.  This time, to get to the elevator you had to go through heavy metal doors, down a dark, gear-filled cooridor, and hope the Minotaur lurking along the shadows of the machinery didn't get you.  At the time I didn't realize it was a Minotaur, I just new that it was very large, monstrous, and scary.  In retrospect, it must have been a kind of labyrinth in tower form. 
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