Sunday, October 07, 2007

And It's Not Even February

Well... the clouds of autumn have rolled in. On one hand, now that the year has progressed a little further, all three leaded glass polyhedra in our breakfast nook throw spectra. It's cheerful, at least when the sun shines.

On the other hand it's getting really dark. Last Monday mid-morning I just stared at the underside of charcoal colored clouds and it was as if a little switch inside me flipped. I can tell you my weekly chocolate consumption has gone up and this morning all I wanted to do was curl up with a novel next to a fire within arm's reach of hot chocolate and potato chips.

Even the chipper happy-fag-dance music I've been scraping the house to all August has become grating and I'm reasonating more with Annie Lennox.

And green tea isn't cutting it. I've been drinking green tea because there's a shortage or something of ceylon tea from my local supplier. I'm going to have to wait until at least November 9th for the next shipment. In the meantime, I've been drinking a green tea mix called Dragon's Well. It doesn't have the right taste or caffeine level or something because in addition to the hot chocolate and potato chips I really craved a decent super-sized mug of Ceylon OP and Orange Roobios blend (back when the salon was open and an orange ceylon blend went really well with scones and a petit four (or two)).

Maybe little Halloween crafts can cheer me up...
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