Monday, July 30, 2007

Grandma, Tesla, and Scraping

Today is a recover from the weekend day, and Arthur is helping me by taking a nap.

Saturday, Arthur and went to Corvallis to visit with my Grandmother. Unfortunately, she fell off of a couch and broke her femur. They've fixed it, but she'll be stuck in a wheelchair for a while. The nursing home she's at is a nice one, but I think they're a little understaffed. Arthur and I will have to go and visit again over the next few weeks.

After Corvallis, we went to a birthday party for Tesla. Although there weren't any telsa coils, our host, Eric, did have a Really Extensive Train set. I think Arthur was in heaven (at least while the trains ran). A Goodyear Blimp also flew close to Eric's house, and that was exciting, too. Arthur and I played croquet -- well, OK, Arthur wanted to eat the mallets and trip over the wickets.

If I had written a 1000 story involving tesla coils for the party, I would have read it; but I didn't (although I did come up with bits and pieces of a tesla coil story on the drive to Eric's house).

Sunday Arthur and I went to church while Mark scraped the house. When we came home, Mark took Arthur to the deep mosquito filled woods and I scraped the house.
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