Monday, June 25, 2007

State of Confusion

Scene:  Morning at the house.   Arthur is going through his usual list of people he would like to see.

Arthur:  "Mark."

John:  "Mark's at work."

Arthur:  "See him."

John:  "We'll see him when he gets back from work."

Arthur:  "Kristina.  See Kristina."

John:  "She lives in New York."

Arthur:  "Margaret."

John:  "She lives in Minnesota."  

Arthur:  "Arthur.  Soda.  Drink it."

John (looking for an atlas):  "Minnesota isn't a drink; it's a state."

Obviosly, we're going to have to get a big world map for Arthur's room and pin pictures of our friends on it near the places they live. 
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