Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seasons and Light

Yesterday Arthur woke up at 5:30 AM. We weren't sure if his teeth were bothering him or if it was the sunlight coming through his window. Last night Mark put up a curtain (of sorts) and this morning Arthur slept much later. Later today we plan to go shopping for real curtains.

Monday and Tuesday were very warm -- high 70's and low 80's. I much prefer Wednesday's weather -- low 70's and partly cloudy. At least there was wind on the really warm days; in July and August it becomes quite breathless here. I'm trying to think up strategies for keeping the house cool then because it typically lags about three hours behind the outside temperature (which can be really obnoxious when it's 85 F at 10 PM). Right now the yard is nice to be in, but we're getting into the season of no shade as the sun's zenith goes farthur north.

Arthur likes to hang out at a local playground that has water features. That means when we're in our backyard he wants the garden hose one. I'm thinking that I should put together some sort of foutain that will recirculate water so that we won't be using so much this summer on infant recreation.

On the writing front I need to get things into the mail; there's no more excuses as I've finished my mailcall tracking script. I had a funny moment when one of my writing friends pointed out that I was recreating the Duotrope web site. Oh well. It may be a good idea to use both my tool and the web tool for backup purposes.
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