Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Kid's a Geek

A couple of days ago I had a eye doctor's appointment. Mark and Arthur came with me. As we were waiting, Arthur noticed the toys in the corner. One of them was a kid's laptop.

Mark sat Arthur down at the small desk. Arthur straightened his posture, curled his fingers ergonomically, and began to type on the lower keys. My and Mark's mouths dropped open. Arthur then grabbed the mouse and began to wiggle it while continuing to type with the other hand.

"Oh my god!" we both said, covering our mouths.

Arthur's not even one year old yet.

Mark says that while I was getting my eyes checked, Arthur picked up the mouse and threw it at the screen and grunted in frustration.

In other monkey-see-monkey-do news, Arthur and Muriel have been holding secret conferences or something because Arthur managed to lunge right in front of me the other day and I tripped over him.

Useless creature; the least she could have done would have been to teach Arthur to catch mice. With our luck, Arthur will be jumping up onto the counters looking for food.
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