Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Gym Report and Stuff

Went to the gym Sunday.  30 minutes and 310 calories on the elliptical.  3x13x60lbs on the pec fly.  3x13x80lbs on the lat pull-down.  3x13 hanging curls on the Roman Chair.  3x12x35lbs barbell curls.  3x12x35lbs reverse barbell pull-ups.  3x12x30lbs triceps pull-downs.

Lots of projects hanging in the air this week.   The Child's birthday is coming up, and I've designed a Nerf Gun target out of cardboard that sorts the bullets into trays depending on where on a target they hit.  There's several writing deadlines looming, too.  I'm also going to Reed for a day to participate in the 30 year celebration going on.  

The most recent distraction is a game I purchased called 4-D Toys.  It draws 4 dimensional objects like tesseracts onto a dimensional space and then you can manipulate them.  It's possible to knock objects out of the dimensional space you're looking at, and then they disappear.  It's also possible for one part of a tesseract that isn't in your 3D space to knock into another hidden tesseract and have that one slide into the 3D space.  It's confusing.  And fun.

It's pollen season.  I don't mind so much, although I could do without the itchy eyes.  Mark is being hit much more severely.  The last few weeks have been cooler and damper, so I'm not sure if that's prolonging the pollen or making it more severe or what.  

The last few mornings have been cloudy, but today (Tuesday) I managed to see Venus.  It's a few days after Venus's greatest elongation, but Venus is still very high in the morning sky.  The following days have been overcast, and Friday is supposed to be cold and rainy.  Which I kind of like.

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