Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dreams Without Internet

Monday afternoon, something has put a bunch of static into our land line, with the result that our DSL modem no longer can process an internet signal.  This means we can't send e-mails, play on social media, or stream movies.  If feels oddly like we're back in the 1990's, when you had to dial into the Internet.  In a pinch, my dumb phone can send texts; I'll have to watch that so I don't blow my data plan.  Alas, it's going to be several days before they can send someone over.

On one hand, it's an enforced break from stress-surfing for political news.  


I slept poorly Monday night, with a resulting amount of recall.

There was a dream where  i was on the Love Boat or something.  The  most surprising was that we used water slides to get onto the boat.  There were large plastic tubes leading from the dock (I think) to the ship.  Cars used very large tubes. We had put  ashore and there was a side-pan on a group of passengers sanding around a little sign.  Julie from the Love Boat sang some short tour guide  song and began to lead a tour around the quaint village we'd landed at. 

Julie called out a passenger's name and an Irish woman responded.  There's been an arrangement and the woman (who apparently lived in the village) went off on her own.   At some point, the daylight went from sunny and bright to dim and dusky. The Irish woman, who was also a government spy, skulked around the outside of a dimly lit manor.   

The scene shifted a bit, and M.M (a writer friend),    dressed in an Edwardian dressing gown, walked up the wide interior stone stairway of a manor.  Most of the lights were off, and he moved stealthily, removing a priceless oversized martini glass from a cabinet.  In the process a statue or a cabinet got smashed or knocked over.  

A butler came out, discovered the mess, and exclaimed, "Oh! Master! There's been a robbery!"  M.M. smiled from the top of the stairs and said, "Don't worry, Jeeves; everything's going perfectly."   He didn't in the dream, but I'm going to add that he lit up a cigar and puffed on it in a satisfied fashion.

I woke up enough here to think, "Cool, M.M. is a Edwardian Criminal Mastermind" and "Wow, how clever of my dream self to set up the mystery with the culprit and the apparent method settled, but leave the motive and what really was stolen."  At 2:30 AM this second part seemed extraordinarily inventive.

I tried to go back to sleep and had a series of vignettes.  The most cool was blowing bubbles.  There were a few where I realized I was naked in public spaces, and one really racy one I won't share here.

There was a second dream I recalled more clearly a half hour ago.  It was very X Files .... With miniature space goats on who floated over our heads on very long lashes.  And spies.   And running from police.  
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