Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Starry Stars!

Geometry makes me happy.

I suspect that it's soothing in a way that knitting is. In any case, I was fiddling around with InkScape, and discovered if you make a polygon, regular or otherwise, and turn the polygon object into a stroke, you can then turn the stroked polygon into guides.  It is so much easier to line up other polygons at guide intersections than it is to have to fiddle them into place manually.

Right away, making patterns like this one became much more easier, and much more precise.

This is the sort of design I'd like to turn into a wooden panel or something and hang three together.  Mark has forbidden me from turning the house into the Alhambra, so I guess I won't be filling the home's walls with these any time soon.

I'm not sure if this is a Persian rug design or the back of a playing card.  I like this pattern because it is stars fitting together in a regularly pleasing way.  And, purple!  Also, the negative blue spaces are all the same shape, which is pretty darn cool.  And if I unfocus my eyes, I can see all sorts of three-dimensional grids going on.
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