Friday, June 10, 2016

Gym Journal and Music

Working Out:  Managed to drag myself to the gym Wednesday night:  10 minutes and 105 calories on the eliptical; 3X12X60 lbs on the pec fly; 12X70 pluse 2X12X80 lbs on the pec fly; 3X12 hanging curls; um... 3X12X10lbs Inclined Arnold Curls; 3X20 scissor kicks (or whatever they're called); 3x8X10lb shoulder shrugs; 3X12X10lbs overhead triceps curls; 3X12X30lbs triceps pull-downs; 10 minutes for about 103 calories on the rowing machine.   As a reward for going to the gym and eating less junk food this week, my abdomen began to put in an appearance from behind my spare bicycle tire.    My secret goal is to get a "belt of Adonis."

I'm truly missing KWAX radio host Caitrona Bolster.  The new morning host is passionate and fun and very focused on Beethoven, Schubert, Franz Liszt, and Stravinsky.  So mornings can sometimes veer between Schlauumph, Der Erlkönig, and the apocalypse.  He plays Scarlatti pieces with the harpsichord swapped out for piano, which is okay... but I wish there were more harpsichord.   He does play Mozart and some Bach, and just now there was some Vivaldi, but I wish he would play more baroque pieces, especially the perky ones with twinkly harpsichord  (and not the ponderous sleepy-time cello ones).  And my secret desire is to hear more crumhorn and oboe ensembles playing lively Playford pieces and Bach's Little Fugue in D-minor.

Oh well, I suppose when I grow up I'll become a music director...
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