Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dreams of Sex and Gods

Strange Dreams over the weekend.  The oddest was the strangest and the most risqué [and explicit, more tender readers may wish to skip it...].

I was having sex with a woman, only it wasn't really sex so much as we were having a really deep conversation about feminism or gender roles or orientation.  I wish I could remember the conversation because it was a working-out-societal-problems one.  And we were completely naked.  My erection was a physical knot of energy between us and connecting us, like a vibrating, spinning electrical gyroscope, that was more something between us than something a part of me.  Oddly, for all the nakedness, it wasn't sexual; even my penis wasn't feeling the way it normally does during sex -- it felt like a chair or a pole or something between us -- or something we were both plugged into (no! not a sex toy, more like a shared chakra or something).  I woke up from that one going, "Eeuw; why'd I dream about sex with her?" and "That wasn't really sex, it was a metaphor for something."   I'm still not sure what it was I was trying to work out.

The second dream was a little more mundane, I'd gotten tickets for my family to visit the museum at the university, and we were privy to a presentation by Zeus and the Olympians.  Zeus was going to say something to us just as the cat woke me up and cut the dream short.
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