Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Novel in Short Story's Clothing...

Writing:  Whew.  The manuscript I've been working on got critiqued and the verdict is "this is a novel sized story brutally stuffed into a short story, and it's not working as a short story."   On the down side, it needs better characterization, less exposition, and a more skilled use of detail.  On the up side, the premise is cool and the world building is good.

To make this work as a short story (which is what I originally started out doing), I'll need to cut directly to and rewrite the final scene (or start over from scratch with a new situation set in the same world).  Luckily, I've got some time before the final deadline.

Everyone seemed to like the glimpse they did get into the manuscript's world and wanted to see a novel-sized treatment, so I'll have to get my ducks in a row and start working on it.

Working Out:  Hit the gym Saturday morning.  20 minutes and 220 calories on the elliptical.  10 minutes and 100 calories on the rowing machine.  Wrote down some ideas that came to me on a slip of paper.  12x30lbs + 2x12x40lbs on the pec-fly.  3x13x80lbs on the lat-pulldown.  3x13 curlups (I'm getting better at raising my knees up to my shoulders lately).  3x13x35lbs barbell curls.  Tried some assorted over-head 10lb dumbbell triceps curls and shoulder shrugs.   Realized I'd forgotten the dip/chin routine, and did some.

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