Friday, December 18, 2015

Working Out and First World Problems

Working Out:  Went to the gym last night (Wednesday).  Did about a half hour / 300 calories on the elliptical.  Tried one or two unassisted dips and decided that I'd do 3x7 at only 10 (I forget; I think this works out to a fifty or sixty pound assist).  Downstairs I managed 3X13X50lbs on the pec fly machine, 3x13x80lbs on the lat pull down, 3X12 curl-ups (which I haven't done in a while), 3X13X35lbs barbell curls, and some free-weight work (dumbbell shrugs and a bench-press kind of move).

The only difficulty with evening visits to the gym, and it's more amusing (but a little distracting) than irritating, is that some nights there are hard-core weight lifters who grunt there.  Last night there were three guys, I think they count as "bros.". I'm guessing they were thirty-something, which is a little young as far as the typical folks who go to the gym.  Anyway, they were grunters, which wasn't so bad -- and actually, I sort of prefer the grunting over the sibilant hissers -- except one of them wasn't a grunter so much as a gasper.  Every 1.5 seconds he'd make a high-pitched "ah" sound.  It sounded like a sound track to a porn movie, except the music over the gym's PA was "Take a Load Off Annie." 

On a different front, I think the latest iOS update turned up the auto-correct settings on my device.  It was very annoying the other night when I was trying to take critique notes and SimpleNote would freeze.  Just now, my word processor wanted to capitalize the "O" in SimpleNote and wouldn't let me erase and replace it with a lower-case one.  Auto-correct also wants to add extra periods to sentances that end with quotation marks.  Oh well; first-world problems.

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