Monday, December 21, 2015

Applications and Unicorns

Monday.  I'm applying for a two week writer's residency in eastern Oregon near a dried out lake.  There won't be much internet, and the only other folks there will be mostly other writers, some painters and photographers, and possibly some sculptors.  With the luxury of so much uninterrupted time, I could write a twelve chapter novel (especially if I prepped for it before hand).

Filling out the application is bringing up some issues; they want references and a writer's resume -- I write science fiction and fantasy, and I'm thinking they may be looking for literary writers.  So I'm telling the voices that are telling me that I'm not a good enough writer to take a hike. 

Between filling out the various blanks, I muse about attending Another Genre Workshop that lasts six weeks--but that's a pearl of too-great a price and I don't have the resources to be able to go.  I know a lot of younger folks without families or with highly flexible jobs who have gone, and it makes me  jealous.  And then I recall the Other Other Genre Workshop that I didn't get into...  And then I go down that spiral of comparing my writing career with others', which makes me a bad person.   

Ugh.... well... 

In other Creative News, after creating winter holiday craft for my relatives, I'm working on a NeoPagan themed craft for me.  Although I sometimes have issues of images of The God and The Goddess (Must deity be gendered? Must deity look like hot underwear models?  Must deity be about sex and fertility? Must deity be borrowed from ancient or pre-industrial, rural cultures?) , I'm designing some anthropomorphic images.  The first Goddess image I created looks less like a Phoenician Goddess and more like a Dalek Goddess.   I managed to design passable oak leaves and acorns, and I've got some older designs from previous years, so I'll be able to add in deer and unicorns.  

Because what good is it being a gay NeoPagan male if you can't have unicorns on your altar?

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