Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Workout Endorphin Giggles

Working Out:  Did the standard Elliptical (150 cal), Rowing Machine (100 cal), Assisted Dip, Pec Fly, Barbell, Lat Pull, Curl-up thing in the gym.

I think it's good for my mood--I went in kind of moody and wanting to slam things and left tired and amused.  I was the only one downstairs where all the equipment is, so I could count out loud without bothering anyone during my curl-ups.  Naturally, I had to kind of grunt it in my sexiest, manliest voice.  Which of course makes me laugh.  It was even worse when I was lifting the barbell because I was looking in the mirror and growled "One," and it although it sounded like "One" what it really communicated was "One Supreme Love Gift."  Which was followed by "Two."  It was like The Count from Sesame Street working a phone sex line.  I nearly dropped the barbell laughing (because I'm the funniest person I know).

Before I could injure myself with heavy exercise equipment, some other folks appeared, and I managed to get through the rest of my set with stifled giggles and a suppressed smile.
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