Friday, June 19, 2015

76 House

Saturday night (the 13th)  we went to The 76 House, a historic inn and tavern, for dinner.  The 76 House is where things like the Declaration of Independence was drafted, and where Major Andre was held before his execution as a British spy during the War of Independence.

The restaurant was decorated in 1770's decor, with coffee pots, pewter dishes, and white Dutch tiles along the hearth.  I ordered a "Benedict Arnold Palmer" (I almost chose another drink with a punny name which I've forgotten).

We were seated at The Haunted Table, where various local ghosts tend to be seen; the most famous one is a man who counts silver dimes.  I guess the table sits over a portal to the underworld.  As far as I know, no-one from the other-world visited us -- although I did feel a sudden cold draft against my calves as we were told ghost stories.

After dinner, we hiked about a half-mile up a small hill and viewed Major Andre's memorial stone.  Apparently, everyone liked him (they despised Benedict Arnold), and there was a melancholy quote from General Washington about his "unfortunate" demise.

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