Friday, April 10, 2015

Writing and Haiku

Writing:  Chipping away at the fantasy genre short story.  Usually I'm an intuitive/exploratory writer, but what's nice about the loose outline is that I can jump right into a scene and start writing.  If I can keep everything a "candy-bar scene" that should be nice for the reader -- and likely there will be some connective scenes I need to do.

I made a conscious effort to use the emotional motivation from one of my "tapes" and, my goodness, that got me into the protagonist's head.    I keep telling myself that I need to figure out some good fantasy world oaths for when people swear.  I gave in and used "Lady's Tits" as a swear phrase; it just makes me giggle, like "Great Moons of Neptune!" ... I'll edit it out later.

The family woke a little earlier than normal.  I got up to make an extra cup of tea, and I looked outside at our yard.  The moon, which had so brightly shone east of Scorpio, was now muted in the growing dawn and palled by thin clouds.  Our cherry tree is in full bloom; for about another week the branches will be covered in pink blossoms and the tree will look like some cotton-candy growth imagined by Dr. Seuss.  I took a moment to enjoy the luminous pink, and then returned to the keyboard:

The blooming cherry
Under the veiled moon at dawn
Reminds me to fix

Electronic words;
Clouds gather over the moon
and blossoms will fall.

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