Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Totems and Museums

Last Saturday, we visited my sister and went on a hike.  Driving to the hike was a strange experience.  When I was an elementary school kid in the 1970's, the bus would drive us the long way home -- they wouldn't let us cross the street -- with the result that we'd sit on the bus for about 15 minutes looking at rural homes and farms outside of Corvallis.

I sometimes have dreams where I hike or wind up on the other side of the hill (the northern western side); usually I meat bears (once a polar bear) or have some other significant animal encounter.   So during the drive I had a strange dream deja-vu and expected to encounter totem  animals.

Instead,we hiked about three miles.  Probably the funniest moment was when Julie and  I were talking, and we suddenly got onto the topic of "Frog Woman," which was one of her old knick-names.  The next thing I knew, she said something about eating flies, and we both went "mllen-uurp!" as we stuck out our tongues to catch imaginary flies.  If our dad had been with us, he would have, too.  
The trail we took had a wonderful view of Mary's Peak.

Sunday we went to the Portland Art Museum to look at the Italian Design exhibit.  I was wearing my contact lenses, which made reading the plaques explaining everything difficult, so I was constantly switching between wearing and not-wearing my reading glasses.  I wished that some of the men's clothing was as fun as the women's clothing.  The piece I wanted to wear the most was a fun cloak with wide triangular lapels which (I think) would have become a hood.  Another piece  I found enchanting was a sequined dress which looked like flowing water.  The sequin and bead work was crazy; I imagine it must have taken a team of seamstresses a week to create just a square foot of the designs.  

I think if I were to go next time, I'd sit and sketch.  
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