Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dreams:  Not much in the dream department lately.  I did dream something or other, I just can't recall it.  The stuff I can recall is pure id-fantasy that I'll keep private.

Writing:  Did some critiquing, then turned to the S&S piece.  I am at the part where I am doubting that the story works as a character piece.  It's got plenty of action and events, and as a milieu piece it works.  It's not much of an idea story, but that was never my intension.  Part of what's happened is that the story stopped being about the emotional conflict between protagonist and an old acquaintance and focused on the Really Cool Lair (with Magic!).  I've gotten a little bogged down with some armor details, since the POV protagonist is a swords-woman, she's going to notice what kind of armor (mostly bad) other people are wearing.  

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