Monday, April 27, 2015

Dialogs and Working Out

Scene:  The ride to school:

The Child (from the back seat):  "Today's a testing day."
John (driving):  "Oh, what are they going to test you on?"
TC:  "I don't know."
J:  "Will they test you on telekinesis?"
TC:  "Huh?  No."
J:  "Will they test you on clairvoyance?"
TC:  "What?  No."
J:  "Will they test you on Defense from the Dark Arts?"
TC:  "I like the Dark Arts."

Working Out:  Monday (4/20) I didn't go to the gym to give my tennis elbow a rest.  Wednesday I went in and did a reduced routine, being careful to start the rowing machine slowly and not bring the bar much above my solar plexus, to keep my grip narrow on the lateral pulldown machine, to keep from using a vice-grip on things and I switched to a pec-fly machine on the theory it would keep me from putting too much pressure on my tight tendon.
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