Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moon, Venus and Mars Conjunct

Last night I watched the conjunction of the Moon, Mars and Venus.

I tried to take a photograph of them through Mark's telescope, but I couldn't get the lens of my camera close enough to the eyepiece of the telescope (somewhere I've got some cool pictures of Pacific birds and sea-lions taken through a telescopic viewer).

I ended up taking a photo of them with the regular lens, which doesn't do astronomy pictures so well (you can sort of see the moon to the left of the tree).   It was too bright to see Mars without a telescope, and by the time it got darker, Mars wasn't visible.

I had better luck with the lens on my tablet, which was able to get closer to the eyepiece.  By this time the trio had set a little, and trees and wires were getting in the way.  Also, some clouds were rolling in.  If you look at the second shot, you can make out a dot (Venus) about 8 o'clock from the moon and below the wires.

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