Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dream: Yesterdays Mall of Tomorrow

Feeling a little under the weather the last few days.  It's a pain, because I feel a little hungery, or else I feel a little bloated.  I did a little bit of working out at home, but mostly I sat around writing and web surfing.

Writing - working on a new story for On The Premises.  It's a science fiction story with aliens.  It was fun putting together the basic parameters of the planet and thinking about aliens.  I'm about 2000 words in and I've strayed a little from the prompt, which is characters trying to learn something.  But I've got a good feel for the world and the aliens.  

Dream - We were watching an Original Series Star Trek that I had never seen before.  Although it was one of the last third sesaon episodes, the episode was in black and white, and the crew wore the sweater-style uniforms of the first season.  

The Enterprise was travelling back in time to the 1950's to build a futuristic shopping mall for starships.  Captain Kirk and Lt. Urhura were standing at a large table next to an architect's model of a really nice geodesic dome.  The dome had a gentle slope on the top, which became more curved near its edges, and in the graduated greys of the black-and-white format, it made a pleasing combination of tessalated morie patterns.   Underneath the dome was a plain, boxy mall building, and a parking lot with a model of the Enterprise in one of the parking stalls.

The Jim Kirk woman in the show was (I'm going to make up a name here) Jane McKenzie, head of construction security.  She had an all-woman squad of security officiers in perky "Yesterday's Tomorrow", Wilma Deering style body suits.  Jane had a little white dog, who supposedly was indiffrent to peole, but which I started playing with using the "let's play!" head-down, arms-out gesture.  I'm not sure when I transitioned from watching the show to being in it.  There was some campy inuendo with tangerines and the women's costumes.  By this time we'd gone back to color.

Then it turned into a 50's "Let's Put on a Show!" movie.  Jane was talkiing her girls on tour, and they were all lodging in a dormitory or hotel.  Jane got a little meaner, in a jail warden kind of way.  There was only one phone, so the women had to line up to use the phone, which was in a ciruclar lobby at the end of a hall.  

"Hello," said one woman, "I'd like to speak with Jim Smith.  Tell him this is Kate Jones.  Isn't he there?  He said to call him and that he could be... oh.  Well, could you take a message?"   I'm supposing this was one of the minor love-interest sub-plots.

There was a shift and I was a hardware store owner.  I might have been a tennant in the Shopping Mall Captian Kirk was building. I was also a rocket scientist.  We'd worked out a rocket design which was actually a folding, hinged uber car mechanic's skateboard.  It was supposed to be able to travel in a straight line, but there was a design flaw that made it turn one way or the other.  

Jimmy on the design team, thought he'd found the problem, and they wanted me to give a second opinion.  I got on the rolling wooden construction and after a few experimental rolls across the shop floor saw that there was a loose hinge that took the wheels out of alignment.  

There was a break of some sort, and I was riding in the back of a wagon at night.  The police women / show girls were singing a song, and I fell asleep, rocking in the wagon as it rolled underneath the stars.  

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