Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Work-out (Monday):  200 calories in 15 minutes on the rowing machine.  I still have a cold, and it was hard to focus over the conversation that was happening four walking machines down, so not much on the sustained meditation front.  I was running, late, too; so I only did lunges and pec flies on the free weight station, lat-pulls and triceps pulls on another station, and some curl-ups (while suspended from my forearms).  Later at home, I did some bicep and triceps curls.

Writing:  I put the finishing touches on a piece of flash (the ending was difficult) and sent it to Penn Cove. This was a good thing, as yesterday I was in a bad head-space with Starhawk's Self-Hater in terms of writing.  Last week I sent something to S&FS (Finlay is editing and takes electronic submissions).

The cold makes me tired, so I haven't exactly been getting up early to write.  The deadlines coming up are Queers Destroy Science Fiction in February, On The Premises deadline in March, and Sword and Sorceress deadline in April.   

I've got four manuscripts in various states of post-Wordos critique.  Two of them are mostly edited; and I need to pick one and call it done.  And then do the other.  And then finish the others.... 

Later....The first one needed a word or two tweaked, and is ready to mail out.  The second one needed the same and I think it needs more of a ticking clock and the character reactions need to be turned up a notch.  So one more pass.
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