Thursday, January 08, 2015


Wednesday Workout:  170 calories in about 13 minutes.  I was not able to focus so well on channeling my inner Stevie Nicks and have a Crystal Vision on the rowing machine; the best I could do was hold an Art Deco image of a serpent in my head based on some drawings I've done.   I mixed up my weight routine a little.

Writing:  About 45 minutes + about 10 minutes in the pre-Day-Jobbe parking lot.  Critiqued for roughly two hours.

Today's Original Series Star Trek Observation:  "The plot and dialog of "Spock's Brain," is structured for the maximal amount of times the characters can exclaim the phrase "Spock's brain!"  Extra points for pre-pending, "That's her!" or "That's the girl!"

...OK... that and pulling a phaser out of the frilly folds on the front of your extra-mini miniskirt and still managing to look and walk like you're not carrying a phaser between your thighs beforehand has got to be a statement of some kind.

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