Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Dreams...

Last week.  The other day I dreamed that I was listening to an old friend of mine sing a Renaissance song.  It started out sounding like "Kyrie", but it was a joke song, and the words changed to "Kiwi wee-wee"

Saturday night I dreamed I was flying over Reed College.  I'm not sure if I was in my cloak or not.  Sometimes it was difficult to fly -- it was partially concentrating on flying, partially some arm gesture where I held my arms rigidly at my side.  Flying over the brick buildings of Eliot Hall and the Old Dorm block is a dream motif I haven't figured out.  What was different in this dream, I had flown into some upper story garden, and gotten a hold of some deep red roses.  I wanted to fly over Reed sprinkling the petals and this was difficult for a reason that wasn't clear to me.

Monday night (I think) I had an Arcosanti dream; I had gone back to Arcoasnti and was working there again.  In the dream I had been working there again for about six months.  When I woke up, I had a confused moment when I tried to remember when I had gone back there to live.  

Last night I dreamed I was in a hospital.  (I think I'd had some sort of travelling dream before hand.)  As I'm writing this, I can feel that Wednesday's workout must have pulled the shoulder muscles connecting my pectoral muscle to my trapezium muscle, because in the dream I was in the hospital to have an operation involving my heart or my ribs or my blood or something.   Although at first I think I had just gone in for some sort of out-patient procedure.

The hospital was in a newish building.  My room was part of a quad of quads around a central station. The nurses were all little-old-lady kind, on the old side of middle aged, and kind of pudgy around the hands, wrists and jowls.  I have a vague sense I was in my Grandmother Agnes's living room at one point... probably because the furniture in the rooms was all browns and avocado greens and overstuffed.

Various family members, my parents (I think) and Mark were there.  Mark and my sister had a conversation about how I had taken out a loan so I could go to the hospital.   I was supposed to choose a bed, and I ended choosing one that was away from the nurses' station; I had a notion that this was bad because if something went wrong, the nurses wouldn't be right there to notice.

Suddenly, it was time for the operation.  By this time in the dream, the situation had change from some simple blood draw to major heart surgery or the surgical removal of a rib or under-rib lump.  It had gone from a local anesthetic to full anesthesia.  

The plump nurses wheeled me through a darkened corridor into an operating area.  Or else my POV shifted into one of the plump nurses.  She was confronted by a younger, slimmer, black nurse  The black nurse was really angry because the plump old nurses had goofed up a schedule or hadn't gotten the right authorization.  I think I POV jumped into the black nurse's head and she was grumbling about something.

Working out:  195 calories in 15 minutes on the rowing machine.   Imagining Over-The-Top Two Steps from Hell music made me laugh, but seemed to help me maintain a 825 calories per hour rowing rate.  I imagined I was in a rowing shell, on a dark lake reflecting stars which rippled in the wake as I fled from unknown menace.   I increased the weight from 15 to 20 on the forward lunge thing I do, and I think that's why I was sore Wednesday night.

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