Saturday, December 06, 2014

Squirrel Sensei

Scene:  Saturday morning.  John is sipping post-breakfast tea and looking at social media.  Mark is preparing to bake gluten-free rolls.

Mark (talking about his bonsai):  "...and I have a waiting list for the aspen -- (suddenly unlocks the sliding door to the deck) Curse you squirrel!  Get away from my plants!"

John:  "Hmm.  Maybe I can ask around for what the Japanese word for squirrel is, and we can make a kami shrine to appease them."

Mark:  "We don't need a shrine.  We just need to give The Child a quarter every time he shoots one with his water gun."

John (nearly dropping his tea):  "But -- I thought 'we don't shoot animals with our squirt-guns.'"

Mark:  "I thought we had an agreement with the animals."

John wonders if he'll have to put on a low-cut dress and start singing into a wishing well....
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