Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Home Stretch

Lots of fun the other night at the Wordo's Holiday reading.  I read a silly mash-up with Santa and his reindeer as Charles Xavier and the X-men.  I think the Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard joke got the biggest laugh.  But the funniest story was probably a post apocalyptic story about "Santa Chicken."   We had the usual mix of creepy stories, sad stories, and family dysfunction

The traffic in town is getting goofy.  I don't recall things getting so weird last year.  Yesterday we nearly got T-boned at an intersection when someone tried to make a right when their light was red.  I'm not sure if people are just preoccupied or if the weather's too warm for snow so they aren't concentrating on driving.   I'm working on not swearing at people.

Writing:  Well... this has been the Week of Craft!

Working out:  Managed to break 200 calories within 15 minutes.  I tried visualizing stuff, which helped the exercise go more quickly... but on the other hand every now and then my breathing got off.   Did the other free weight stuff; the 25 pound dumbbell was a little hard.  I felt the triceps exercise.

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