Thursday, November 20, 2014

Squick and Unicorns

Last night I discovered that the funny sexy-farce I'd written was squicking people out because readers missed the single cue that the couple was married and not brother and sister.   I was assured later that at least I hadn't won a Leon West award.

Yesterday was a craft day.  On the plus side:  Unicorns!  On the minus side, a star mesh that I'd worked on had a misconfiguration in it, with the result of creating a triangular bowl and not a hexagonal one.  I could have gone on to make half a tetrahedron, but I'd been aiming for a dodecahedron.  

The unicorns came out really well.  The shop keeper and I were in squee! mode for a full five minutes.  I particularly like the way the unicorns' horns came out.  I'm hoping to turn this into a shadow shade for my niece.
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