Monday, November 03, 2014

Journal: November 3

Today I pumped out a rough collection of words for a monthly prompt swap I'm doing.  At one point, I put on some music (300: Rise of an Empire, by Junkie XL) to help focus, which made the words come out much more dramatic and eye-candyish.  Previously, I'd been writing some settings sketches to use as indicators of the year passing and some character thumbnails.  With the music, things took a turn toward Cirque du Soleil, which gave me the same thrill as I got RollerBlading Halloween night.  I'm at the writing stage, so I don't know how much I'll edit out; but writing (when it works) should feel like good ritual.

Word Count:  1060 words in about 80 minutes.

Work Out:  Sigh. Must. Visit. Gym. Today. -- 180 calories in 16 minutes.  Plus various free weights downstairs.  
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