Saturday, August 23, 2014

Writer's Holiday

I've been taking a writer's holiday the last few days, puttering around the house and writing.

I've been getting some writing done, but there's been more puttering than I would like to admit.  I guess if I call it "getting out of the house and having a life" it sounds better.   The very early writing I've been doing has fallen to the wayside to be replaced with some kind of mid-morning writing.  So far, on my writer's holiday I've

  • been working out (Looking good and feeling gorgeous.)
  • seen "Guardians of the Galaxy" (These aren't the droids... oh, wait.)
  • watered plants
  • eaten cherrie tomatoes plucked live from the vine.
  • watched "Dr. Who and the Leisure Hive" (man, what a slow episode)
  • brushed the cat (don't make me vacuum out those azalea leaves)
  • watched "I, Mudd" a restored Old Series Star Trek. (Fenton Harcourt Mudd, have you been drinking?)
  • moved a file cabinet and a bunch of files into my Writer's Closet so that all my manuscripts are in one place (okay, working on that) and so that the rolling file can actually function as a filing tool instead of a rolling monument to organization. 
  • spent too much time looking at a thirty year old journal from college (The angst! It burns!)
  • played Maxwell's Demon with the windows in an attempt to keep the house cool.

Luckily, I still have a few more full days of just writing.  Goals are to edit some drafts that need editing, get manuscripts out into the mail, oh, and do some Real Adult things like banking.

Hi-didle-de-dee, a writer's life for me....
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