Monday, August 25, 2014

Filing Project

This week's project has been consolidating my writing files.  For the longest time, I used to have all my writing files in one place; then we moved -- eek, nine years ago -- and the lateral files I used got moved into the garage, where they weren't very handy.  I added a filing cabinet and a rolling file to the mix thinking more files would result in better organization.  But since a good portion of the files I wanted were in the garage and the stuff I wanted to work with was in the house, it didn't.

I got some help and moved the file cabinet into My Writer's Closet, and moved all my old drafts and current drafts into it.  I'm still in the process, but the idea is to have every day files living in the rolling file, manuscript drafts living in the file cabinet (both in the Writer's Closet) and stuff I don't need to look at that often in the lateral files in the garage. 

I've got a lot of rough and Wordos critiqued drafts from the early 2000's that I should look look at and recycle.  Once upon a time, Eric Witchey once said of imperfect but marketable manuscripts, "Even a dead fish can float downstream," so maybe I can come up with a Papier-mâché project....
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