Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tuesday Night Dreams

Tuesday night was a rough night for sleeping, and I woke up multiple times in the night.

The first dream was pure id wish fulfillment (OMG!).

In the second dream, I was trying to get home.  Home was a dream-splice of the current house, but it was located at "The Motel Six", the house I lived in Portland when I was going to Reed.  The dream was set in a kind of video-game world, and I was watching myself in a kind of Minecraft/Second Life way.  Mark was in the dream, and I think we were simultaneously in-world and watching at the same computer.  The world was glitchy, though, and every few minutes I'd walk across a buggy area, the system would lag, and then the screen would jump, my avatar would be hanging in black while the landscape flickered out and I'd end up re-mapped to a new section of the world.  I remember climbing up the hill from Reed along Knight street or something and then getting booted over to an underground stone cathedral.  When I tried to fly out of the cave, I hit another glitch-portal and wound up someplace new.

In the third dream, I was in my house, I think.  Only it was an apartment, and it might have been in New York.  It was the room in the southwest corner of our house.  The walls were covered with corrugated cardboard from floor to ceiling, which was slowly pulling away and revealing the real, bright yellow walls underneath.  (It took me a few hours of waking time to recall how many of Remedios Varo's paintings have rooms like this... Energía cósmica and Armonía seem to be closest to what I dreamed, only the room in my dream was much lighter and cleaner.)
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