Monday, June 02, 2014

Jackpot of Lost Items

I guess this is amusing more than anything.  I figured that I could use it as a prompt for a conspiracy theory story....

Me:  I put in a request for several items (see list below) that have hovered around for a long time, in three cases for over 18 months.  It seems like the items are stuck in limbo somewhere in the system.  What can I do to jump-start this process?


Library:  Hello John,

Let me answer each request by title.

The Penguin Handbook of Ancient Religions was ordered in May 2011 and the supplier canceled the order in August of 2011. The book is out of print and no longer available from the publisher.

The Official Blender 2.3 guide was published in 2005, is not available from our supplier, and we rarely keep software books that are over 5 years old. It may have been weeded from the collection and someone forgot to take it out of the catalog. (Blender for Dummies, 2009, is here if you want to look at a different book about it.)

The Ghost particle, a Nova movie from 2006 is no longer available.

The state of the art has been missing since early 2012. It is now a collector's item and new copies start at $97! We won’t be replacing it. (the University of Oregon Knight library has a copy at PR6052.A485 S83 1991. You can use your EPL card to check it out from them.)

You seem to have hit the jackpot of hold requests on items we no longer have. All of these items should have been removed from the catalog a long time ago. We are sorry you have been inconvenienced and are grateful that you let us know about these titles. Each of these will be deleted from the catalog and your holds will now show up as canceled.

Our apologies and thanks.

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