Friday, April 04, 2014

"God Creating..." wait. "Pirate Creating..." Is that a compass or just a stick?  OK, "John With His Geometry Fetish."  (Or, "Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Take a Photo.")

I wanted to take a self portrait with me and the sand drawings I'd done.  Secretly, I wanted something like Blake's "God Creating the Universe."  Only with more clothing, because, man, that coastal wind was cold.

I had problems getting the camera to take a picture.   It was so apparently obvious that I was lying on the sand, struggling with a camera, that a woman (bundled up and with a very large mixed drink) offered to take my picture for me.  By then, the cold had sapped the energy in the batteries and the camera died.

But just before she walked over to where I was, I managed to take this.
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