Sunday, March 02, 2014

New Moon, New Projects

It's the new moon.  I like to imagine that I'm going to get things done, or at least started, during the time of new beginnings promiced by the new moon.  To that end, I re-started my disco dancing excersise routine.  The reward for that is that I'm sore today, especially in my right calf; one does not simply jump into extended cha-cha, Ricky Martin songs or no.

I've also put some more entries into my writing journal.  If I can keep that up, that would be good.  Keeping up a system of accountability is going to be key during the next three months.

The very rough draft in progress at the moment is very rough:  the pieces from the week's twenty- and fourty-minute sessions are pretty disconnected.  Yesterday's longer writing session (thank you Mark, for clearning the house) was more about outlining and fitting vinettes together.  

And then there's the inventory of stories which need to be sent out.  Time for various mantras about writers, submissions, and rejection slips.  
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