Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wordos Sabbatical

It's official: I'm taking a three month break from The Wordos.  This should give me some more time to actually write.  I started a journal of when I write a few weeks ago, and it was embarrassing.  I critique manuscripts (and blog, and design, and sleep wrong, and...) way more than I write--which, alas, isn't that hard to do.

The main goal I have right now is that I have to have a manuscript ready to submit to Sword and Sorceress.  I've got something outlined, and already my inner-critic has appeared to say "This is an idiot plot, if the MacGuffin is so important, why aren't there more people guarding it?"  Um, hooray?

My other goal is to maintain more manuscripts in the mail, which means I have to tweak a stack of critiqued manuscripts to get them ready for submission.
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