Monday, February 03, 2014

Cat Owl Eye Dream

Saturday morning, I had a dream about labyrinths and woke up with a dream image in my head (see to the left).  In the dream, a bunch of us had to traverse a magical labyrinth and the only way to do it was to close our eyes and paint squares above and below our eyes and painted eyes on our lids.   Sunday morning, I had a long, involved dream, which featured more eye imagery.  

The premise was that there was a Vampire, who worked in a business skyscraper (or possibly a a castle, or maybe a business castle) and had a suburbanite family as a cover.  The family knew they were his cover, and the mom appreciated that he kept them in a really nice Mac-mansion.  (While he wasn't exactly the "Bad Businessman" I used to dream about in my twenties, he was certainly the bad guy in this dream... although now that I think about it, he didn't do anything particularly vampiric except maybe live in a castle.)

The part I remember the best was that a oracular Cat worked for the Vampire.  "Work" is probably too strong a word, as they had a sort of genie and lamp owner relationship.  I think the Cat came with the castle.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think the Cat was our cat, Smokey.  

In order for the Cat to tell the Vampire's fortune, he popped out his left eye and turned into a barn owl (it was a bloodless, goreless procedure).  The one-eyed-barn-own-cat then perched on a stand in front of a screen divided into a five-by-five grid with tarot cards on it.  I recall that one cell was X'ed out and the Owl was giving a reading to the Vampire. 

I think at this point in the dream, the Vampire's castle was under some sort of attack or infiltration.  There was an exchange between the Cat-owl and the Vampire, where-in the Vampire complained that the Cat-Owl never did anything for him, and the Cat-Owl replied (in a New York accent) "You've never done anything for me." 

Afterward, the owl flew some place where there was an eye (I'm not quite clear on the dream's plot at this point, but there was an eye or an agate or something laying on the ground, possibly in front of the suburbanite cover family's house), pressed his face into it and turned back into a cat. 
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