Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ocean Wave Dream

Whew, a storm blew in this morning.  I always expect the neighbor's house and the hill to protect us from storms blowing in from the west, but the really big ones with lots of rain always rattle the bedroom windows.  I was expecting things to be blown around when I went into our backyard, but the wind sounded worse than it was.  We need the rain, and I wish I didn't feel the change so strongly in my hands and feet.  In the course of the morning we've had direct sunshine, a rainbow, and more rain.

Crazy out of control car dream this morning.  I was driving a small jeep with Mark and T.E and somehow I was driving off the road (oh, the joy of the failing to control the car dreams) between houses and then somehow managed to drive into someone's house (the car turned into a plastic kids car and through the magic of dream-logic, with simultaneously fit in the car and in the house's entry hall).

There was some more that I've forgotten, but we ended up on a train or bus.  Sitting across from us was a guardian swordswoman in a 18890 man's suit (dark Dorthy Hamill hair bob) and a young (blonde?) girl with Tarot cards.  The swordswoman carried a two-handed broadsword.  The girl offered to read the Tarot cards for the swordswoman, who firmly declined, saying that the present was a gift and that trying to poke holes through the present to peer into the future was to deny the gift.  (Man, I must have been channeling Mark...)

But the best part was when the train--which turned into a bus--carried us to the ocean.  I was wrapped in my fish quilt (my sister made it), which was larger in the dream.  I went out onto a platform that ran along the side and front of the bus-train.  

The bus drove through some sort of camping ground, and then onto a short flat beach.  There was a row of VW bus/vans parked along the dunes.  The dream threatened to turn into a Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello movie...  But the bus went to the ocean, and a wave came to meet the bus.  I was wrapped in the quilt, which trailed behind me out of the vehicle and a little over the front edge.  When the ocean wave touched my quilt, the blues and greens in both merged together and it was like I was wrapped in a warm ocean.
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