Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dream: Divination with Bottle-Caps

Lots of visiting people in my dreams last night.

At one point, a young woman and her girl friend asked me to do a tarot reading for her.  They she may have asked for another kind of reading.  We were outside my old landladies' house on Adams street, on the front yard and sidewalk.  In any case, I had a handful of bottle-caps, which I dropped onto the ground.  Some of the bottle-caps went under a bench.  The majority of them made a kind of arc which looked like someone's head and flowing hair.  A well placed bottle-cap looked like an eye, with the gaze going back; it was her, and she was looking behind her at a few random bottle-caps that had rolled under the bench.  "Oh," I said, "that's you, and you've overheard something, or you're trying to learn something indirectly.  It'd be better to follow-up directly instead of trying to guess."

Now I will have to contact the young woman, who I know in real life, and see what coincidences there are.

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