Friday, January 10, 2014

Dream: Batman and Umbrellas

The dream this morning was that I was Batman.  Sort of.  My enemy was a giant tap-dancing villian who would stomp on people during his dance.  My strategy was to clean the floor with a slippery cleaner and make Dancing Man trip and hit his head.  This didn't go over as well as I planned, and I ended up running away from a mad dancing giant.

At some point I remembered, "Hey, I'm Batman; I can just use my batter-rang with a line and tie him up."  I never got a chance to do this, as the Dancing Man transmogrified into a small boy and hid in a secret passage behind a refrigerator.

There was a shift, and I was zooming around a large campus-like area underneath a giant, black, double-handled umbrella.  The umbrella caught winds, and by leaning left or right, I could steer it through the air (sort of like when I used to parachute--only by hanging onto the double-handles of the umbrella).  K.B. was there, dressed up in a slanting black half-veil, pill-box hat/stewardess barrette, and a dark formal dress, and I circled around her.
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