Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aunt Margot and the Miller Church

I was going to post some pictures, but Picasa is giving me a 503 error when I try.  So no pictures this time.

This weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  He's almost eighty.

We were trying to decide what to get him when Mark had a great idea; we could arrange to have his sister, my Aunt Margot visit him.  So we did.

While I was driving Aunt Margot back from the celebrations, we stopped off at the Miller Church in Silverton. The church is from 1882, and is a simple rectangular "burring church."  What I'd forgotten was that the building sits on piers of field rocks; you can easily look underneath it.  I'd also mis-remembered stain glass windows in the church; in reality the windows are plain.

We checked the interior, which was very plain.  The simple pews rose up on the sloped floor.  Someone had left a door open last fall, and a few leaves lay between the pews and the altar.  Aunt Margot did some quick little tasks and then we continued along our way.

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