Sunday, November 24, 2013

Five. Golden. Rings...

There.  I've got all the designs for the Twelve Days of Holiday Craft Projects on one file and can now go into production mode.

Er.  Probably.  It's safer to say that I need to do a test print to make sure this all works.  I know the partridge, the doves, the rings, the swan and the goose work.  I'm pretty sure the cow (maids a milking) and the hens will work, and the piper
s pipe.  Everything else probably will work, although I can see where the four calling birds might have problems with their feet and the lord's crown still might be too detailed.

Mark and I did have the "you could always replace the Nine Drag Queens Dancing with a ballet shoe" discussion, but I said, "I'm not letting Perfect get in the way of Done," after which the conversation devolved into artist vs. fiddler.
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