Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hit the Deck

We're getting ready to actually build a deck.  The deck has been a bit of a travail for us.  We were going to have a contractor do it, but that didn't go so well.  The first contractor came out once, then never returned our messages.  The second contractor came out, and each successive estimate for a simple twelve-foot-by-sixteen-foot deck became progressively larger.  The third contractor seemed cool; we put down half the bid so he could buy materials, and then we got an e-mail saying that he had fled the state for the safety of his family and that we could sue his bond.

So, we're gearing up for a week-long project that would take a professional somethnig like two days to do.  I think we'll have to call the deck "Swamp Castle."  


On the writing front, there've been a few cases of life intervening -- whenever there's a change in schedule, my writing routine gets thrown for a loop.  I've been doing some editing, but not much creative writing.  I've been making up for that by getting back into the swing of submitting stories.   


Speaking of routines, on the excercise front, I need to start a routine.  I've got the equipment, so I don't have that excuse.  

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