Sunday, July 28, 2013

End of July Post

Whew.  I haven't posted for a while.  This morning I'm having a lazyish morning at Café John, reading news with some tea and a blackberry muffin Mark made.  About a half hour ago a green hummingbird came and sampled the dianthis and morning glories.  It sat on a power line and then flew away.  Luckily Smokey wasn't in the yard.  I'm hoping the hummingbird comes back.  Mark and I weren't sure if it was good at being a hummingbird or not, since the canna lillies threw it for a loop.

A friend interviewed me for her blog and wants a picture.  Mark supplied some "non-goofy" pictures from a recent hike, but the one I like the most is a little out of focus.  I tried to take some self-portraits, but they were taken at night with the sole illumination coming from a computer monitor.  I was hoping they'd come out techno-geeky, but they came out sleezy-leery.   I suppose there's always the photo with the forks.

In other news, I got some exercise equipment -- a jump rope and some stretchy band things you stick in a door frame -- so now all I need is a techno soundtrack with random grunting and I can pretend the living-room is a gym.  This is all part of my plan to be ripped by the time I turn 50, I figure a year and a half should give me enough time.

And now... more tea and muffins.  Oh.  Wait.

Addendum:  As I was closing up this post, two more hummingbirds came by to inspect the canna lilies. I've never seen them actually drink from the canna lilies, so I'm not sure there's nectar to be had. I guess they like red flowers.
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