Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Stations

One of my friends recently asked me for a book list for Qyeer NeoPagan books.  I came to the conclusion that there wasn't really a list so much as there was an anti-list.  And that I like sarcasm.  I've yet to find a book for queer men which addresses using ritual for transformation, celebration and communion; that uses ritual to balance mind, body, heart, and spirit; that blends influx, maintenance, and distribution with the previous elements in a Graceful way.

Oh well.

It's after the Summer Solstice.  I have been thinking about how this is supposed to be the time of Enchantment and Transformation--a time to try to reframe how to see the world.  Or, at least, that's how I frame the Summer Solstice.  When I'm not sneezing from pollen and sweating to death from the heat.  (Luckily, this year the 90F heat waited a week to come.)

In terms of Transformation.... I've been looking at how I write in terms of my career and life.  It bothers me that I'm almost 50 and not more published.  (And, yes; I have some time management problems I need to deal with.). If I want to write and have it contribute to my household, I need to think about writing more like a job.  Bleah--which means I have to think in terms of annoying things like retirement, and healthcare, and taxes.  (Pause for an indulgent fantasy about a writer shrine to John where he sits and writes while grateful readers bring chocolate, tea, and massages (and little prosessions with fans and banners during writing breaks) and a business manager handles the workman's comp issues for the litter-bearers.).  

After the Solstice Enchanter comes the Hunter of the Ides of Summer.  The Hunter is the goal he wishes to reach... And  I've got some move work to do before I reach the Hunter state.  Or, to put it a different way, before the goal I'm aiming at is something I'm being mindful about instead of a default consequence of undisciplined choices.

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