Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Ten More Minutes...

Well, let's see.  First there was a the dying cell phone tone--an electronic plea for recharging that sort of sounds like a quiet but insistent snooze alarm that chimes semi-randomly for a half hour while you lie in bed wondering if you're awake enough to actually get up and plug the phone in assuming that you can find it.

Then there was the dream where I dreamed I was telling someone an earlier dream.  For the record, I was having a conversation with Lori Carroll and we were touring new Arcosanti construction and I said to her, "Wait... are we in a Paolo Soleri concrete staircase inside a re-purposed chimney? There were also old cruise vessels being salvaged on the edge of the Aqua Freya River.  Which I lived in.  Over a gun shop.

Next, over the weekend I activated my Night Owl Tendencies.  Which makes being a Morning Lark on Monday kind of hard.  Add to that the weather, which can't decide what it wants to do, so I'm feeling it in my joints.  Feeling the rain in my broken right hand wasn't so bad compared to having barometer balls of my feet.

So... um... no.  I didn't spring out of bed at 5:30 to write.

And now, tea.
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